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Urban and Rural Paths in Dudley

Many people give little thought to using cars for short journeys that can be done by either walking or cycling. The object of these pages is to give an insight into how those alternatives can be achieved. Although local, these may be along unfamiliar routes, but are easy to use, taking you to destinations that are common to everyday life. These include Parks, Leisure Centres, Schools, Community Centres, Libraries and GP Practices.

It is hoped that these routes will form part of a future transport information website complementing other initiatives such as Walk It for those wishing to use a journey planning site. We welcome walking and cycling feedback on existing and possible new destinations, the condition and suggested improvements to these and other parts of the highway network. Contact us.

From here you can view interactive mapping showing car-free walking, cycling and riding routes in Dudley Borough.

The public rights of way mapping on these pages is a digital representation of the information contained in the Definitive Map and Statement and any other public rights of way dedications. The Definitive Map is a series of aged paper documents relating to the old administrative areas. All the Definitive Maps are at a much smaller scale showing less mapping detail than can be viewed on this application, therefore the graphical representation on screen does not necessarily reflect the true alignment of any Right of Way.
Every effort is made to keep this map up to date but it is subject to change and constant development and thus the Council will not be responsible for errors or inconsistencies that may appear from time to time.
General public enquiries based on this mapping should be referred to the Development Section of Economic Regeneration on 01384 815424.

Details of PRoW Orders, Gating Orders, Modification Orders and Declarations under S31(6) of the Highways Act 1980 are on our PRoW Orders page

Please contact us with feedback, including defects in the condition of the routes. All paths are maintainable at public expense to the status shown unless annotated otherwise. Please quote the path's PRoW Ref; this is shown in the information pop-up, and on the map when zoomed in to its largest scale.

Permissive paths are not public rights of way; rights are by agreement with the landowner only